Month: May 2016

A Philippine Slovak Wedding in America

English Gardens, Munich, Germany

If you are a returning reader to our blog, you will know that the partnership behind this blog is getting married Saturday, May 28, in Sarasota, FL. If you’re a new reader and you didn’t know this, well, now you know as well! I proposed to Ruby in April 2014 in a historic Slovak castle, […]

Two Weddings and an Alaska Honeymoon

Waiting for Alaska

This is a story of how we decided to have two weddings and an Alaska honeymoon. Two weeks ago, we received some bad news. Ruby’s mom in the Philippines was denied a visa to attend Ruby’s wedding in the United States. The embassy officer didn’t even check her documents, which included confirmations from the priest […]

An Allegiant Air Review

Allegiant Air

  While most people in the travel hacking community blog about business and first class redemptions, we try to keep it real and fly ultra low cost carriers on short domestic or international trips. This stems from my original roots of flying budget carriers in Asia and Europe as a means to explore, and it’s […]

The Difference between Vacation and Travel

Vacation versus Travel

I recently read an excellent online article from The Atlantic about the dire financial straits that over 50% of all Americans find themselves in and something in the article struck me. The writer mentioned that because of the various financial choices he had made regarding his and his family’s finances, he and his family hadn’t […]