Month: July 2016

Peter and Ruby Wedding Photo Gallery

Grand Entrance at the Reception

Here’s the official Peter and Ruby Wedding Photo Gallery, from Getting Ready to Formals to the Ceremony to the Reception, specially curated for this website. We’ll release more photos on more blog posts, but for now, here’s a teaser of some of the best we chose (which will ultimately go to our wedding photo album) […]

A Slovak-Philippine Wedding: Part 1

Princess Ruby

This is the first of a 3-part series on our wedding on May 28th, 2016, in Sarasota, FL. I met Ruby in October 2013, at our workplace in Jacksonville, FL. Ruby impressed me with her knowledge and love of travel, and I impressed Ruby by giving her free food for two weeks! So it was […]

How to choose your travel destination

How To Choose Travel Destinations

If you guys don’t know by now, traveling is one key component in our relationship (one of our tenets is that we need to travel to learn and experience more, and life is a journey that we all should make use of). In this article (a few in a series), we try to take you […]