4 Things You Might Not Know About Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip at Night

If you’re traveling to Nevada, odds are you’re looking to stop in Las Vegas. While “Sin City,” as some call it, isn’t for everyone, it’s still one of the main tourist attractions in the U.S. You know the general idea: there are massive casino resorts, luxurious pools, fine dining establishments, and some of the best shows and nightclubs in the country. However, if you really do a trip to Las Vegas right, you might find that there’s more than meets the eye.

These are a few fun aspects of the city that don’t tend to get as much publicity.


1 – The Rides Are A Blast

Most people probably aren’t aware that Vegas can essentially be treated like a sprawling theme park. One or two rides are fairly well known, such as the roller coaster at the New York, New York hotel (which basically has you whizzing through a makeshift Manhattan). The truth of the matter though is that the city has quite a few excellent rides – some of the best thrill rides and roller coasters in the world, as one list put it. The most intense rides are those at the top of the Stratosphere building, all of which take advantage of their extraordinary height. But there are other roller coasters and rides as well for those willing to prioritize them.

2 – The Bar Scene Is Excellent

As stated above, Vegas has a reputation for its fine dining, clubs, and shows among other things. However, it’s not all about fancy restaurants and nightlife. Vegas is also a fantastic town for ordinary bars – or at least bars that don’t double as nightclubs. There are countless excellent beer halls and liquor bars around the city, some with specific themes and others known simply for good atmosphere and good beverages. For instance, you might consider the famous Ice Bar (where everything from the counter to the glasses is literally made out of ice) or “Red Square,” a bar with a Soviet-era Russia aesthetic. Or you might simply head to a place like Bin 702, a wine bar known for “adding an elegant twist to things” as one review put it.

3 – There Are Incredible Buffets

This might be the most common lesson learned in Vegas. Most of the casinos have buffets, and often they’re even more enjoyable than the highly rated restaurants that are all around the Strip. An article written this past November saved us the trouble of listing some of the best ones, noting as well that the buffets cover all cuisines and budgets (meaning there’s something for everybody). That article recommended The Wynn Buffet, Sterling Brunch at Bally’s, the Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet, Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan, and The Feast at Green Valley Ranch Resort. We’d only add the Bellagio Buffet and Le Village Buffet at the Paris. The point is, however, there are some amazing all-you-can-eat attractions in town.

4 – The City Is Close To An American Wonder

Many aren’t aware of just how close Vegas is to one of the most impressive man-made wonders in the United States. Of course, one could argue that Vegas itself is such a wonder. But the point here is that it’s only about a 40-minute drive to the Hoover Dam, on the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona. Built in the 1930s and dedicated by Franklin D. Roosevelt, it’s a stunning feat of engineering even today, and well worth a quick trip from the city. You may want a few hours’ worth of a break from Vegas anyway, and the Dam is a great way to spend those hours.

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