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A budget trip to New York City

Central Park, New York City

New York is an expensive city to live and visit – with higher tax rates, limited space, and millions of tourists converging to the Big City, there’s only so much resources and space to share. However,  in this article, we try to give you tips on how to survive New York City on a budget […]

Car Lease: Jargon Explained and Made Simple for You

Classic car

Leasing a car is hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Before you decide to visit your nearest dealership, it’s a good idea to do a bit of homework first so you won’t get taken advantage of before you commit and sign your name on the dotted line. There’s nothing salespeople love more than for […]

Top Tips For A Romantic Anniversary Breakaway

Hudson River, New York

So, you have decided to celebrate your wedding anniversary abroad? If so, it’s a great decision. Too many of us feel we can’t afford to celebrate our anniversaries, which is such a shame. After all, getting married is a one of the biggest occasions you will ever have in your life, and there’s no harm […]

Welcome – Start Here

If you are new to our website or just browsing around and want to know more about how this website works, here’s a sentence to sum it all up: Reaching Financial Independence & Experiencing the World You can read more about us on this link — but to sum it up: We both are working […]

Money Challenge Earning Passive Income for Basic Needs

Earning Passive Income for Basic Needs

As part of our financial independence goal, I kind of challenged myself to think more and more about how to earn more streams of passive and portfolio income so in the case that our earned income dries up, we’d have something to fall back on. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense, but the […]