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Looking for books to read on your spare time? Here, we review certain books that may pique your fancy. We have sub-divided them into their genres, but we mostly concentrate on Non-Fiction Books (Business and Finance), with a lot of Graphic Novels, and Audiobooks thrown in for good measure.

Book Reviews

If you want to see all the links to the book-related posts we have, this is a collective page for book reviews.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to read all the books in the world. Little did I know that reading all the books in the world would be fairly impossible and a task that can never be done. It’s also good to say that I may not like reading all the topics of all the books in the world, so we’ve narrowed them down to a smaller niche.


Book Reviews
Book Reviews

I don’t review all the books I’ve read on the blog, so you can also check out my Goodreads page if you are so inclined. You can even send me a friend request there to see all the books I’m currently reading and have finished. This is also fed in through my personal Facebook account, which you can also follow.

Business & Finance:





Graphic Novels


We only review books that we have read (or listened to) from cover to cover. Some of our reviews may be comprehensive, some may just be a few sentences about the book (as in the case for fiction or graphic novels), but the point is, we’re only going to review the books that we deem memorable and worth the time writing about.


Want us to review your book?

If you want us to review your book, we will be happy to. However, we would only limit it to graphic novels, history or business and finance related.  We only accept books that have a physical copy, and not e-books. Apologies, but if after 30 pages, we are not engaged in your work, we will not be publishing a review for your book on the blog.

Note that we do not have a set turnaround time for book reviews. If you do have an urgent need, let us know and we can discuss it.

Still interested in letting us review your book and/or providing a blurb when you officially publish your book? Contact us below:


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