4 Must-Visit Attractions for First-Time Canberra Travelers

Are you looking for an ideal destination for your next travel? Canberra, the capital of Australia, could be the best option for you! Most people assume that the nation’s capital is Sydney, but it’s not. Canberra is a diverse city that features a modern urban planning combined with parks and natural landscapes. Surrounding areas also have picture-perfect sceneries that would make any vacation unforgettable.

Public transportation in Canberra can be a bit difficult so renting a car could make your travel safe, fast and convenient. Go online and search for car rental companies in Canberra that would suit your budget. Or you can book one upon arrival at the airport.

After securing your transport, head on to these beautiful destinations around Canberra:

Cockington Green Gardens

Never miss the beautifully crafted and captivating display of miniature buildings at Cockington Green Gardens. Situated in Gold Creek Village, this lovely attraction takes pride in its miniature monuments and houses from over 30 countries. You can also ride on a miniature steam train and explore the whole displays. It is absolutely a fun day witnessing such an enchanting world of small structures.


Known as the National Science and Technology Centre, Questacon is also one of the attractions you must include in your itinerary when visiting Canberra. This impressive children’s museum boasts its puppet shows as well as interactive exhibits about science and technology. From the solar system to the human body to electricity and everything else in between, everyone will learn a lot. It is a place that showcases more than 200 exhibits and encourages active involvement from each visitor. Both adults and kids will definitely have fun and at the same time gain more knowledge.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge

If you want to try something different while in Canberra, then go to Jamala Wildlife Lodge. It is the only zoo hotel in Australia, which offers a unique kind of experience to everyone. This hotel includes five-star rooms that overlook the cheetah, tiger, lion, giraffe, and bear enclosures and a glass wall with a shark tank. How interesting, isn’t? In addition, all profits are forwarded to the zoo to ensure the welfare of all the animals.

Mount Majura Vineyard

There might be other amazing vineyards out there, but Mount Majura Vineyard is truly a must-visit. Just about 15-minute drive from Canberra District, you can easily get here. Though it is a small winery, it produces some of the best wines, making it the first official vineyard in the Australian Capital Territory. Also, it is famous for its nice view and hospitable crew.

Certainly, there are plenty of things to see and do in Canberra. Simply visit these awesome places mentioned above and you will get to enjoy your stay in this charming city. Nothing beats spending a great time in a fascinating city like Canberra with the people you love the most. So, make the most out of it!


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