Combining A Love Of Travel And Property: The Best Places To Buy A Holiday Home

If you’re one of those people who would spend all year traveling if they could, why not consider investing in a holiday home? If you’re eager to explore while also protecting your financial future, laying down some roots in a different place may be a good move. If you’re thinking about buying a house or apartment abroad, here are some ideas to get you thinking.

The UK

Ruby's flat in London
Ruby’s flat in London

The UK may not boast great weather, but it does have plenty to offer. The scenery is spectacular, there are sights aplenty, and there’s no language barrier. Importantly, the economy is relatively stable, and the housing market is buoyant in most places. If you’re looking for an investment property, go for tourist hot spots or inner city premises. If you can afford to buy in London, you’ll almost certainly make money because every single year the flat and house prices go up. If you’d rather be by the sea or in the countryside, Devon, Cornwall and North Yorkshire are well worth a visit. Ruby’s personally lived in the UK and she can say it’s an amazing place – but terribly expensive!


France is an excellent option for those hoping to escape to the country or embrace chic city living. Apartments in Paris sell like hot cakes and will always retain their value. If country living is more your style, there are hundreds of rustic farmhouses and barn conversions for sale. The sheer number of properties for sale may make selling on tricky, but if you’re hanging around for a while, this shouldn’t be an issue. We’re actually going to France in a few weeks – something we’re both excited to see, but we’re probably not buckling down to buy anything there.


A land of outdoor living and adventure, Australia is a popular choice for couples and families. Head for the coasts to take advantage of warm weather and beach living. Make for hip Melbourne to enjoy shopping, sightseeing and laid-back urban adventures. Search for apartments for sale in Brunswick for easy access to the bright lights. If you’re a high flyer looking to combine traveling with hitting the big time, Sydney is an excellent option. If you can secure a harbor view, you’re sure to recoup your money.


From my cousin’s apartment in Madrid

You may approach Spain with a degree of trepidation following news of instability in the housing market. However, if you choose the right destinations, you’re guaranteed a healthy return on your investment. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, which is a perennial crowd-pleaser. It’s one of the best-loved European city break destinations and property in the center comes at a premium. Alternatively, if you’d rather spend your days at the beach, head to Marbella. This upscale resort has taken the world by storm in recent years, and visitors are flocking here in their thousands. If you can find a villa with a sea view or an apartment overlooking the port, you’re guaranteed to make a tidy profit. I’ve personally been to Spain before and loved it! My cousin’s boyfriend is actually from Spain as well and I would one day love to bring Ruby there as well.

Buying a holiday home is an exciting prospect for those who love to travel. If you are buying abroad, it’s wise to do your research and think with your head as well as your heart. Find out about the facts and figures and take a trip to have a good look around. Weigh up your options and don’t rush into making any offers.

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