Hi! Welcome to our resources page. Here, we will list down all the tools that we use in our lives, as well as try to help you save (or earn) more money on certain websites that we recommend.

Note that we may get a commission if you click or sign up using any of our affiliate links below to sign up or buy online. It will be at no additional cost to you, and will just give us a little incentive to help keep the site going. Many thanks for your support!



Bluehost is a fantastic tool for any novice who wishes to enter the world of blogging or websites. We use Bluehost for our domain and WordPress for our website building platform. Bluehost has great, very responsive customer service (this isn’t Comcast), and make it very easy to start building your website. They’re currently running a deal for $2.95/month, which will give you a free domain, email, and one-click WordPress installation.


AirBnB – Good for house hacking as well as traveling on the cheap.  Clicking on this link will give you a $40 credit on your first booking! (This changes, though. It can range from $20-$100, depending on if you sign up to be a guest, or if you sign up to be a host). We personally use AirBnB on our travels and we even rent out our spare room!



Uber –

Lyft –




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