This is the obligatory travel tools page.  Could we list 50 different travel links and say how they’re all great tools and blah blah blah? Sure, that’s what a lot of blogs do.  Because I’m sure everyone checks 10 different websites before booking a hotel room (/sarcasm).

We will only recommend sites that we personally use and like, and, of course, when you click on a link & buy something, you’ll get a discount (if not, please contact us and we’ll resolve that) and we’ll get a commission. Win-win.


Bluehost is a fantastic tool for any novice who wishes to enter the world of blogging or websites. We use Bluehost for our domain and WordPress for our website building platform. Bluehost has great, very responsive customer service (this isn’t Comcast), and make it very easy to start building your website. They’re currently running a deal for $2.95/month, which will give you a free domain, email, and one-click WordPress installation.

Google Flights – Best airfare booking tool on the web, in our experience.

AirBnb – Good four house hacking as well as traveling on the cheap.  Clicking on this link will get you a discount when booking for the first time.




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