Top Tips For A Romantic Anniversary Breakaway

Hudson River, New York

So, you have decided to celebrate your wedding anniversary abroad? If so, it’s a great decision. Too many of us feel we can’t afford to celebrate our anniversaries, which is such a shame. After all, getting married is a one of the biggest occasions you will ever have in your life, and there’s no harm in celebrating it with panache. If you are planning to take your beloved away for a weekend – or longer – then read on for some great tips.

Peter on our second date
Peter on our second date

Rekindle your early years together

One of the best ideas for a romantic anniversary breakaway is to go somewhere that is part of your history. The world changes at a rapid pace, of course. But, no matter how long ago you visited, there will still be plenty of memorable places to see. It might be a spectacular view from a headland or an old fashioned restaurant that is still in business. Struggling to remember any names of the key locations of your past? Head over to sites like TripAdvisor and look at the review pages. They are perfect for jogging the memory.

Peter, Ruby & Rosie
Our first day as a family: the day we adopted Rosie

Try something new

Make sure you book something new and exciting to do when before you go, too. Anniversaries are all about remembering the past, of course. But, they are also about building new bonds for the future – and what better way of doing so than trying something wild and exciting? You could even decide to renew your vows together. Renewals are so much easier to plan than a wedding, as you don’t have to go through all the legal ceremonies. So, you’ll have a wide choice of locations and ideas available to you that you might not have had before. A ceremony on a tropical beach, for example – or even atop a world famous landmark. You can even adopt a dog, like we did!

Sheldon - Peter's first gift to me!
Sheldon – Peter’s first gift to me!

Don’t forget to bring gifts

Make sure you remember to pack any gifts you intend to give your beloved. You can think about your anniversary year, for instance, and create or buy a gift that is suitable. As an example, your first wedding anniversary is known as the paper anniversary. So, you could write a love letter, or a poem – or even buy your spouse a book. You could even start a new tradition if the old ones are a little tired for your tastes. For example, you could buy some titanium rings to signify the durability and beauty of your marriage so far.


Westin Lagunamar Cancun Mexico
Westin Lagunamar Cancun Mexico

Go big and surprise one another

If you want a romantic vacation for your anniversary, it’s not the time to scrimp and save. In fact, in most cases, you are better off going for a shorter trip than a longer, cheaper affair. Of course, romance doesn’t have to mean spending a small fortune. But, the difference in quality between a five-star hotel and a three-star place is enormous. If money is an issue, stay more locally. All the savings you make on your travel can be put towards upgrading your accommodation. Or you can travel hack your way through five-star hotels as well!

We hope you enjoyed this guide to perfecting your romantic anniversary getaway. Ultimately it doesn’t matter where you go; it’s all about making the most of your time together. Enjoy your trip away!



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