Why Travel To Florida?

Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Why Travel to Florida
Why Travel to Florida – Disney’s Cinderella Castle

First up in our Why Travel To series: our state, Florida!

The Why Travel To series aims to give you a glimpse of why you should want to go to a destination.

I’ve been living in Florida for the past 18 years of my life, and Ruby has been living here for a little over two years. The below tips are collective experiences we’ve had while traveling along the Panhandle, the North, The South, and Central Florida. It is a lovely place to visit, with many things to do. We’re also going to feature some of the places we’ve been throughout Florida on our blog, so stay tuned!

Fun Fact: Florida is the second most visited state in the US (after California)

Little Talbot Island, Jacksonville, FL
Peter with the beach & the trees at Little Talbot Island


Why Travel to Florida # 1: Everyday is Summer!

Some states have a winter, some states have eternal summer – well, except in the North part of Florida, that is. Throughout most of Florida, the temperature can be comparable to spring, summer or autumn temperature – spring and autumn being the most perfect time to go: not too warm, not too cold. The South part of Florida is known for it’s Eternal Summer though. If you were to go there during the warm summer months, make your bookings far in advance: the accommodation prices surge higher, and rooms can be more scarce during this time. Oh, and if you don’t like the sun and too much crowds too much then summer probably isn’t the best time for you to visit – but don’t fret, there are three more seasons to choose from!

Why Travel to Florida #2: (Theme) Parks & Nature

Visit the many beautiful parks on display.  Florida has a reputation for theme parks (thanks Disney, Universal, Seaworld & Canaveral), but there are many lovely nature parks to visit, including the sprawling, wild national treasures of the Everglades, the dancing mermaids of Weeki Wachee, and the lesser-known treasures dotted around Amelia Island.  The list is truly endless.  Many parks are free, while some charge a minimal “vehicle fee”, which range from a 2 USD to 8 USD. Those fees help pay for the maintenance of these parks: because who would rather have a mall instead of a park?

Florida is also the only place where you are legally allowed to swim with manatees: as soon as Ruby read about it, she made it as part of her bucket list item! At the small city of Crystal River, she got her wish! We saw so many manatees, and even a mom & a baby! The baby manatee also nibbled on Ruby’s toes and after five minutes of hanging around with Ruby, refused to go to other people and went on his merry way (you’re technically not allowed to touch the manatees, but if they touch you then it’s fair game!)

Why Travel to Florida #3: The Beach

The beaches of Florida are AMAZING. Like, literally. From the powdery white sands of Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, to the emerald waters at the Emerald Coast, the vibe of Miami Beach, and the peaceful serenity of Dry Tortugas, there’s definitely something for every kind of beach goer. Floridians love their beaches, and would spend hours basking in the sun, hanging out with friends, or preparing a picnic. Do note that native Floridians stay out of the sun during the summer: heat + humidity + strong sun rays = no, no. But you’re free to enjoy it as a tourist in our State.

And there you have it, a small list of why you should travel to Florida! It’s our home, and hopefully you’ll love it as much as we do!


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  1. Money Beagle

    We’ve become Florida vacationers. But we live in Michigan and just need to get away by the end of the long, cold, and dark winter. Florida is the perfect place for our family! We’ve got a combined beach and Disney trip planned in just a few months!

    1. Ruby Escalona

      ooh! Can’t imagine living in Michigan, I’ll freeze coming from a tropical country. This cold spell means below zero temperatures (in Celsius, I still don’t understand Fahrenheit) in Jacksonville, FL! Eeep! Thanks for visiting and if you’re in the St Augustine/Jacksonville area, let me know!

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