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Work With Us
Work With Us

Thank you for visiting A Journey We Love. If you are interested to hire or work with us on a collaboration, you went to the right spot! Below are the services we offer:

Freelance Writing

With over 8 years of blogging experience, you can count on us to deliver on a various number of topics, such as:

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Travel/Travel Hacking
  3. Budget or Luxury Travel
  4. Hotel Reviews
  5. Product and Book Reviews
  6. Shopping Deals
  7. Wedding Planning & other related work
  8. Buying & maintaining your home

Please feel free to reach out to us at the contact form below for any of your inquiries, and we’ll get back to you within 2 working days.

Travel, Product & Book Reviews

Like our reviews relating to hotels, travel experiences, various products we use, and books we read? Want to send over a product, pitch an experience/hotel, or a book you’d like us to review? Please also use the form below to contact us. Please note that we will only review products we have personally used, and would be very honest in our opinions. We won’t just say we like it even though we didn’t!

Book Genres we review: 

Peter – Fiction, History, Sports, Travel & Non-Fiction

Ruby – Young Adult, Children’s, Comics, Historical Fiction, Business & Finance, Travel, Self-Help, History & Chick Lit.

Note that we are quite busy folk so we may not be able to accommodate all the book review requests you may send us. We take priority on print books instead of self-published e-books. Please see a link of Ruby’s previous Amazon reviews. Other book review archives are in her other blog, Ruby Loves Adventure, or in our Goodreads page.


Do you like the photos we took? Most of them have been taken by Ruby. You  may order prints or get rights to use them on your own website by contacting us at our form below. Additionally, we are trying to dabble into our own wedding and travel photography business too, so watch out for that announcement!

Collaborative Posts

We are also open for collaborative posts with fellow bloggers and publications. You may reach us at the contact form below for more information

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