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 Life is a journey we love. 

Thank you for visiting our website. A Journey We Love started as a brainstorm project of Ruby & Peter (more about us below) to help inspire others to live life to the fullest.

We believe that life need not be mundane, even while doing things like going to work and cleaning the house.

You can read our manifesto about Financial Independence here – which gives you more of an idea on what to expect on our journey to Financial Independence (in order to travel full time and enjoy our other hobbies and pursuits).

Since just talking about travel and how it’s great is pretty boring, we will up the ante and reveal how much we pay for our travels, how we make the planning stages fun, and which tools we use to make our travels affordable. Of course, we also discuss big money issues like buying a house, preparing for a wedding, and even saving for a car and other electronics you may need as we journey to Financial Independence. We may have weird out-of-the-box methods sometimes, but we always try to make it work.

We’ll try to document everything on A Journey We Love to hold us accountable & to hopefully inspire you that life is fun, and it’s not as expensive as you think it may be: regardless of what your goals are.

Peter, Ruby & Rosie
Our first day as a family: the day we adopted Rosie

Peter & I both have full-time jobs and keep finding ways to keep our costs down so that we can save money toward financial independence. We both aim to be fully financially independent by 2030 (12 years from now!), and we do it through various side-hustles, investing, and real estate investing. We aim to share everything we learn on our blog to help you, our readers, find something that fulfills you, and take a leap to enjoy your life & make a journey out of it.

We’re also married, in case you guys didn’t know 🙂 We met in the United States, even though we are from two different continents. We also travel together.

Ruby – The main blogger of the website. She loves travel hacking, finding deals, and thinking of ways to save more money! You can visit her other website, Ruby Loves Adventure – where she has been blogging since 2007, and continues to blog today. Originally from the Philippines, she moved to the USA to pursue an employment opportunity. She now lives in Jacksonville, Florida and has been to more than 20 countries and 16 US States. She has also backpacked around South East Asia. She hasn’t quit her job to pursue her passions– yet. That will happen once we reached Financial Independence.

Peter – Contributor, editor, back end guy, and supporter. He loves football (soccer), College Football, oh and reading and traveling. Originally from Slovakia, he moved to Florida as a young adult, and splits his time between Jacksonville, Florida and Tampa, Florida.

Rosie – The little fur-baby. We adopted her from the Jacksonville Humane Society and you may see her on the blog as our mascot. She has now been adopted by Peter’s parents (her grandparents) when they fell head over heels in love with her.

Our Promise: Most of the articles that you will read on our website is based on our personal experiences. We will only blog about a place we’ve been to, products we’ve personally tried, accommodations we’ve stayed in, or activities we took. Should there be sponsored posts based on things we haven’t tried yet, we will let you know on the blog post or through a tag.

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