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Travel is NOT free

    Let me get this straight folks: TRAVEL IS NOT FREE. Travel is a luxury, something that is not really a must for survival if you are broke or don’t have the means for it on a small budget when you are struggling to survive daily. It is a luxury not everyone can afford. […]

Weekend at Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orange Lake

It was another weekend, meaning we’re off to another adventure! This time, we decided to go back to Orlando to try the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orange Lake Resort, one of the biggest hotel complexes we had ever been! What follows is a review of the property and at the bottom is our cost table. […]

Is it More Dangerous to Travel Now than Before?

Is it more dangerous to travel now than before?

Last week, I read a story about a female tourist murdered in Belize (a beautiful but drug-troubled Caribbean island).  A few months before that, there was another female tourist killed in Nepal.  A few months before that, there were a few horror stories of some European women being raped in India.  And then the story of a […]

Travel Depression and Coping with it

This weekend has been particularly tough for me. I realized I’m not enjoying my full time job, and I would like to do something else that will allow me to explore and travel the world. I can’t particularly quit, not just yet, as I am still learning the ins and the outs of making enough […]

What’s It Like to Travel on Amtrak

What's it like traveling on Amtrak

Train travel is not new to most parts of the world. In fact, it is a daily necessity for people who live in Europe, in India, China, and the Northeast Corridor of the United States. But for many people who live in America, train travel in the United States is mostly overlooked. In this article, […]