2017 Travels and Experiences on a Budget

2017 Travel and Experiences on a Budget

It is nearly the end of October as I type this post and our 2017 travel plans are more or less coming into fruition. Before the end of the year and we have to do our 2016 roundups, achievements & goals post (which will not be in one blog, thankfully), we present to you our 2017 Travels and Experiences on a Budget.

This is only a rough draft and would cover certain cities, states or countries that we already have reservations for or have penciled in our calendars. Each table would contain links to articles that would provide you our itinerary, our cost breakdown, and our reviews (or thoughts of how we liked or disliked a particular spot). Note that as the year goes on, there may be changes in the table below, and that’s fine: for us, travel destinations can easily be changed. What can not be easily changed though is our love for travel.

2017 Travel and Experiences on a Budget
2017 Travel and Experiences on a Budget – Mr Iguana while sunning (us in a few months)

2017 Travel and Experiences

Date Location Summary
January 2017 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
January 2017 Gainesville, Florida (Camp Mustache Southeast)
January 2017 New York City
February 2017 Havana, Cuba
February 2017 Bahamas Cruise (Nassau & Coco Cay)
March 2017 Washington DC
March 2017 Ireland (Dublin & environs)
April 2017 New York City
April 2017 Philippines
May 2017 Alaska (Denali, Anchorage, and others)
June 2017 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
July 2017 TBD
September 2017 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
September 2017 Discovery Cove, Orlando, Florida
September 2017 Sarasota, Florida (World Rowing Championships)
October 2017 Chicago, Illinois (Chicago Seminars)
November 2017 Charleston, South Carolina (Y'All Fest)

If you guys are wondering why we plan our travels so early, it’s because we do a lot of travel hacking and/or we jump on mistake fares or airline promotions. If there is a good deal we cannot miss, we normally book it… IF we still have vacation days left, or holidays. You should know that Peter and I both work full-time so our schedules are largely dependent on vacation days, holidays, and weekends, so we think that being able to travel this much while being cubicle dwellers is a pretty amazing feat.

We also blogged about our trips from previous years (i.e. 2015 and 2016) on the links below, and Peter is getting busy trying to create videos on our travel hacking for those years:

We’ll see you on the road, and hope you join us in our adventures! You can view photos of our travels on the following websites:

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